House Rules


1. Becoming a member of Fitness Centre Moraira, means becoming a member for an indefinite period. The monthly costs of your membership can be paid through pin or cash.

2. A member shall use a term of notice of one month as of every 1st of every calendar month before the expiry of the subscription period.

3. If your subscription is not cancelled in time your subscription automatically continues.

4. The entrance fee is € 10,- once only and the purchase of an entrance card is € 5 ,-

5. Persons under 18 years of age are obliged to have the contract signed by one of the parents or guardians.

6. The general terms and conditions apply to all subscriptions; they are available at the reception and our website and also listed on your registration form.


1. While entering the fitness/group lessons area, all members must wear clean and fresh sports clothing/gear and you are obligated to bring a clean towel.  (If you have forgotten a towel you can hire one at the reception).

2. After using the cardio and fitness equipment we kindly but explicit request all members to clean the equipment, you can use paper rolls and bottles containing disinfectant liquid.

3. It is not permitted to occupy multiple devices at once.

4. When using barbells with disks, clamps must be used. Loose weights (dumbbells and disks) after use shall be replaced in the concerning racks.

5. Within the workout area it is obligatory to wear sport shoes with clean soles which will not leave stains and for inside use only.

6. Jackets and bags are not allowed at the workout spaces. Keep your jacket, bags, clothing and valuables in the locker room; there are free lockers available.

7. In the workout area the use of drinking cups (bidons) is allowed only, eating is not allowed in this area.

8. It is not allowed to wear no shirt or a sleeveless t-shirt to your workout. The wearing of headgear itself is prohibited (except for sportscarfs).

9. If the management after closing time encounters a closed locker, it will be opened.

10. The management is not liable for theft, loss or accidents in and around the Sports Centre.

11. Violation of our House Rules can result in withdrawal of the membership, without any refund of the membership.

12. The use of mobile phones is not allowed within the workout area.


1. The instructor only may approach the sound installation and Windows.

2. For hygienic reasons members are obliged to use a towel at all times.

3. Clean sports clothing is required and clean workout shoes for inside use only, not stainable.

4. Materials members use during the workout shall be returned neatly and sufficiently.

5. To access group lessons you are required to retrieve a ticket at the reception, without participation will be denied.

6. Members shall be on time for the group lesson. A full warm-up is important and for your own safety.

7. During class members are supposed to follow the instructions of the instructor. If you suffer from any injury (s), certain restrictions for the movement can be applicable, please discuss these before class with the instructor. He/she can offer alternate exercises, so you will feel satisfied completing your workout.

8. Members are not allowed to leave class early. A cool-down is important to end all group lessons.

9. After the Indoor Cycling class you are kindly requested to clean your bike with the paper towels and disinfect liquid, return all positions of the back in the highest position and to loosen all buttons and positions of the bike.


1. All members shall use the fitness equipment in a responsible and safe ways, with any hesitation of the use of the equipment, ask a fitness instructor.

2. Always check the material you are going to use for your workout.

3. Keep a 100% focussed when you workout.

4. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout and make sure you ate enough before starting your workout.

5. Make sure you always complete a sufficient warming-up before your workout.

6. Workout on a regular basis but avoid overtraining.


Many thanks for the observance of our House Rules, we wish you wonderful time during your workout!

Team Fitness Centre Moraira