Terms & Conditions

Article 1. The definition of a “membership” is a contract for an indefinite period..

Article 2. Every member ensures payment of contributional fees without any complications.

Article 3. A membership card will be obtained by each member after the signing of the membership form and after a copy has been provided of a valid identity card . In the case of default of payment and/or misbehavior the management is entitled to deny access to all facilities of Fitness Centre Moraira.

Article 4. After the type of contract has been selected and after becoming a member, termination during the contract period is not possible in any situation. When given contract period is expired every member is entitled to resign as of every following month. If the contract continues Fitness Centre Moraira automatically values the valid monthly contribution for continuation. In case a half-year or one-year contract is wished for to acquire discount purposes you will need to close a new contract that applies with the applicable monthly fee on that moment.

Article 5. Changes or terminations shall be provided not later than every 1st of every month before the start of the new monthly period, by means of a notice in writing, this form is available at the reception of Fitness Centre Moraira and also functions as your receipt of resignation. Another way to terminate your contract is by registered mail.

Article 6. In no circumstance you are entitled to claim any refund of the monthly fees. In case of one or more (prolonged) injury, the contract can temporarily be put on hold, with written consent of Fitness Centre Moraira (not applicable in case of studies, internship, job purposes, vacation). This construction is only possible when a written and signed doctors statement is provided. Subject to all previous of article 8, termination of the contract cannot be done with retroactive effect. The expiry date of the contract will be prolonged and financial commitment will be held in abeyance with the length of the temporarily contract stop with a maximum length of 3 months.

Article 7. Subscription fees shall be paid before the end of every membership, if the member does not fulfill obligations, the membership will remain in force and subscription fees will remain indebted. When member after summons failures to fulfil obligations of subscription fees, all instalments will directly become claimable. All facilities of Fitness Centre Moraira will be denied until the entire debt has been received by Fitness Centre Moraira.

Article 8. All possible costs manufactured by Fitness Centre Moraira, including the costs of the collecting agency, bailiff, legal costs, both judicial and extra-judicial, this in order to accomplish payment of obligations of the member, these costs are all charged to the member. The extrajudicial costs amounts up to at least 20% of the amount due, with a minimum of € 40,-wherein no evidence need to be invoked; they are payable from the time when the claim is in hands of our lawyer or bailiff regardless member is aware of the claim.

Article 9. Fitness Centre Moraira reserves the right to close the Fitness Centre with a maximum of 14 days (with the exception of holidays and Sundays) and to adjust opening hours, without any refund of the subscription fees owed. Also in case it is necessary to adapt the applicable timetable, concerning the number of teaching hours, periods, teachers, lessons and group sizes, all previous rights are reserved. During the summer period it is custom to establish an adjusted timetable which will be in force during the summer time.

Article 10. Fitness Centre Moraira reserves the right as of the 1 January of each calendar year to raise prices up to 5%. Fitness Centre Moraira is also entitled to changes in addition to these conditions. These will be in force 30 days after notification thereof is done. If you do not agree to these changes and additions you need to report this in writing to the Management within 30 days.

Article 11. In addition to our general terms and conditions the internal House Rules of Fitness Centre Moraira apply to each member. Fitness Centre Moraira reserves the right to adapt her House rules. All members shall be aware of all House Rules, please ask for them at our reception or learn more about our House Rules on our website.

Article 12. The use of the equipment, following a program, a group lesson or course components and/or activities at Fitness Centre Moraira is entirely at your own risk of every Member. Any member using any provision whatsoever should itself before use or participation in any activity, ensure if use or participation for him/her is medically justified. Both Fitness Centre Moraira and the store manager accepts no liability for:
a. material or immaterial damage resulting from any accident or injury of the Member.
b. damage, loss or theft of property of the Member.

Article 13.
a. Fitness Centre Moraira is authorized to terminate the subscription prematurely in case the member logs despite warning repeatedly fails to comply with the House rules or that of Fitness Centre Moraira in such misconduct in reasonableness continuation of membership cannot be demanded.
b. This Agreement Spanish law applies. If any provision of the subscription and/or the general terms and conditions is found to be void, it does not affect the validity of the entire agreement.
c. Acceptance of a membership shall be subject to the approval of the Management of Fitness Centre Moraira.