Fitness & cardio

Fitness is a collective term for activities that ensure that you’re in a better overall condition. These include the growth of muscle mass or (strength training), the improvement of the endurance (cardio fitness). It also keeps regular gym for more speed, agility and coordination. In general,  fitness is designed to instruct the body in such a way that the client’s capacity is enhanced.

Fitness activities will also make sure that the body is coming back into balance, this addresses the most important objectives of most of the people to come, including weight reducing. To build more muscle mass you can go for example burn more calories at rest, than the body itself is slimming. The cardio activities (such as bicycling, or running) to ensure the direct burning of calories, and at a higher level it provide also an increased metabolism at rest.

The following fitness goals can be achieved:

At Fitness Center Moraira we use a various range of strength and cardio devices of the premium brand Life Fitness  and a wide choice of loose dumbells and weights.

When you come and join us, we will provide a program that is appropriate to your level, personal needs and goals under guidance of qualified instructors.