Group classes


(GLUTES, ABDOMINALS and LEGS) is a class where you perform a set of exercises dedicated to strengthening and toning of these three areas of the body. After a short warming up of the muscles you will focus on strength exercises and burning calories with the focus on bums, tums and legs.


this is a way of Aerobic, an intensive work out on motivational music, where movements are done on, over and around the step. This is a kind of platform that you can use in various heights. The higher the step, the more intensive the training will be. During this type of workout you exercise the heart and lung function and you also work on your legs, glutes and hip muscles.


Zumba Fitness is a combination of fitness and dance moves to Latin music suitable for young and old. Everyone can participate at their own level and yet complete a full workout. An additional advantage for Zumba is that it can help you achieve weight loss and endurance. After only a couple of weeks you will notice improvement on your waist and thighs. Zumba is so much fun! Each lesson gives you a true party feeling!


The Pump program is a revolutionary full body workout, mixing the aerobic exercize with weight training. During a 1 hour class you will target all your major muscle groups using a barbell, bench and various weights. One can individually decide on the weights of the barbell. The training is focused on an improved posture, shapes, fat burning and improved body strength. The combination of a high level of energy and the strengthening of the muscles makes it the ideal training to get quickly “in shape”. Suitable for both, men and women.


Indoor Cycling (Spinning) is not only a popular method of Aerobic exercise, the workout is also an absolute low calorie burner! You will cycle on various types of music in groups under the guidance of an instructor. The 18 kg flywheel provides a driving and stimulating rhythm, with the resistance button you can determine the intensity of your own training. The health benefits include weight loss and a stronger cardiovascular system. Indoor Cycling is fun!


During this 1 hour workout you will start with a warming up of 25 minutes of low impact cardio exercizes followed by firming and shaping your muscles. High repetitions with or without light weights and burning muscles are characteristic for Body Shape. It results in a fit body with slim muscles.


A Fit Plus workout is aimed for 50+people who like to workout in groups. The class contains a warming up of 20 to 25 minutes with low impact cardio exercizes and the remaining time is for ground floor exercises, which will help strengthen the bones, muscles and flexible joints.


Control and correct implementation are central: the breathing and consciousness to the correct muscles to work, form the basis of every exercise. The exercises are done from a stabilized hull, the movements are smooth, there is a specific breathing and concentration with each exercise plays an important role. As a result achieve longer muscles and joints plus a smoother stronger, balanced body.


The way to raise awareness of your body and to create rest in your state of mind. The practice and scientific research shows that yoga and meditation can help with relief of back pain, stress and fatigue. Doing yoga can give you a great dose of positive energy and teaches you to focus on inner balance.


this training is particularly aimed on the improving of your cardiovascular and muscle condition. The classes are done through various types of exercises. Aerobics and steps are used for the cardiovascular part, followed by a number of muscle-strengthening exercises including the abdominals.


Circuit training is an ‘ all-round ‘ fitness program which combines strength exercises with endurance training. The work out is provided in small groups under guidance of an instructor. It offers a complete training for people who do not intensely work out within the Fitness area or for people who have less time. During the training you work through a circuit of machines and exercises, focused on specific muscle groups, under the guidance of an instructor.


The core consists of the hips, pelvis, abdominals, lower back, mid-back, and neck regions of the body, core training can encompass any exercises that challenge and work the muscles surrounding the hips, pelvis, torso, and spine. An example of a core training exercise is the ball bridge. This exercise not only improves strength and stability of the torso and midsection, but also strengthens and tones the butt and hip muscles.


CrossGym is the type of fitness that combines weightlifting, athletics and gymnastic in one form. The CrossGym prescription is performing ¨functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity. During the workout you are use barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, ropes and pull up bars. The CrossGym program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.


Fitball is a based training program designed to incorporate fitness, and strength, with a focus on core stability.This unique product is an integral piece of equipment for most fitness professionals and enables greater variety of exercises through its shape and mobility. It allows for an increase of balance and core stability training that no other product offers.
Fitball is for anyone looking for total body core and strength training as well as fresh cardio alternatives.