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When you are performing sports, then muscles will be having a hard time. A proper training schedule in which different groups of muscles are focused on and proper rest periods for the muscles to recover are most important in avoiding overburdening of the muscle tissue. In addition it is wise to give extra attention to relaxation and recovery, such as proper diet, visits to a sauna, but also massage.

How does sports massage work?

By using sports massage you create the following effects:

  • The hair vessels in the skin and muscles widen to increase blood flow. When muscles have better blood flow they can rid themselves of waste products (such as fluids and lactates) and muscle ache can be (as much as possible) prevented.
  • The way waste products are being removed is improved by the external pressure of the massage.
  • The muscle tension will be influenced.

There are different techniques for massage, such as rubbing, kneading, knocking and shaking motions. As a rule sports massages should be (to a certain point) comfortable for the athlete. Often a sports masseur uses a medium. The purpose of this medium is to reduce the friction, which means prevention of pain and irritation of skin or hair vessles as much as possible. Sometimes a medium is used that has a pore widening effect on the skin. The use of the medium feels nice and warm.

When should you use sports massage?

Massage can be used on fatigued or stiff muscles. It is not the case that sports massage is always comfortable and useful. A sports massage on very stiff muscles can be too hard very quickly, after which the muscles feel more painful and stiff. Sports massage should never be used on a torn muscle, an inflammation, an open wound or when one has a fever.

Sports massage is often performed (the day) after a game or practice session. Muscle waste products such as fluid and lactates can build up in the muscle after an intense workout. This can be limited by performing a proper cool-down.

In conclusion: Sports massage increases the recovery, and is very useful for athletes who practice (almost) daily. It should be seen as an addition to a cool-down and other recovery steps.